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After all your hard work building your donor catalogue and promoting your clinic in the cloud, social networks and events, IVF+ is a proven platform to successfully engage new clients in just a couple of minutes.
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IVF+ is a complete online donor catalogue and commerce solution for IVF clinics.
Create an online catalogue of donors, resource availability, generate proposals, accept orders, send invoices and manage service fulfilment. Fully supported and hosted entirely in the cloud. Operate as a fully standalone website, or as a plugin to your existing website, or as a mobile app on the App stores.


Donor Catalogue

Create and publish an online donor catalogue in multiple languages with a wide range of attributes.


Find & Compare

Clients can search and compare potential donors on a comprehensive range of attributes.


Client Engagement

Engage with potential clients in real time the moment they arrive on your site with integrated chat.


Clinics & Satellites

Engagement enables clients select from multiple clinics and satellite clinic centres.


Online Payment

Clients can secure donors and complete payment online through your existing payment gateway.


Accounts Integration

IVF+ integrates seemlessly with Xero Accounting software and many other popular accounting systems.


Donor Catalogue

Create a complete online donor catalogue in multiple currencies and languages. Visitors can search and compare donors on an endless range of attributes from health, personality and ethnicity in complete confidence and security. Clients can order and pay entirely online. Clients can be assigned to a local clinic of their choice too.



Clients can search, compare and secure a donors entirely online from your existing website or from a personalised mobile app downloaded from the app stores. The donor catalogue can be published in virtually any language and payment completed in a wide range of currencies.



IVF+ is secure by design. All application files and database are completely standalone, isolated and only accessible over an encrypted connection. Each account is secured using an Extended Validation (EV) digital SSL certificate. This ensures the client can be 100% certain they are communicating directly with you.



IVF+ integrates perfectly with your existing accounting software and countless payment gateway providers. IVF+ integrates with major CRM and ERP systems. The IVF+ API provides endless options to integrate with your existing custom applications. IVF+ can also be embedded into your existing website in minutes.



IVF+ is hosted on our own fully supported and managed cloud platform. Your database is unique and backed up three times daily. You even have the option to host entirely on your own dedicated server.



IVF+ is built and hosted entirely on the very latest Microsoft development technologies . The foundations are proven, stable and used daily across the world by thousands of businesses in multiple currencies and languages everyday.


Operating Modes

IVF+ works in three different ways.
As a standalone website, a plugin on your existing website and a mobile app on the App stores.



Fully standalone website mode.



Embed into your existing website.


Mobile App

Personalised app on the App stores


IVF+ includes everything you need to publish a donor catalogue where clients can find and compare donors and engage your IVF clinic services. Clients can use the site securely in virtually any language and currency. Generate endless statistics and reports. Integrate with external systems, including Xero Accounting software. Integrate the entire system into your existing website, seemlessly and easily. Publish your own IVF+ Mobile App on the App Stores.

Donor Catalogue

Create a complete catalogue of your entire range of services, each complete with the total cost in time or deliverable. Define the cost of providing the service in any currency and language. Create a combined package of services that define recurring charges and sign-up fees.


IVF+ is secure by design. The system is entirely self contained. Role based security ensures only authorised personnel can access client information. Passwords are encrypted and access to the system is entirely over https. We provision EV SSL certificates to ensure communications is completely secure and compliant with HFEA requirements.

Client Database

Build a highly comprehensive client database. Set preferred currency, language and contact preferences. Monitor activity, orders, proposals, compare lists all in real-time. Run automated email campaigns to promote your complete range of services.

Marketing Features

IVF+ is a one-stop commerce solution for accountants and bookkeepers.Create an online catalogue of services, generate proposals, accept orders, send invoices and manage service fulfilment. Fully supported and hosted entirely in the cloud. Operate as a fully standalone website, or as a plugin to your existing website, or as a mobile app on the App stores.


IVF+ can present your entire range of services in virtually any currency and language including support for RTL languages. Clients have a choice to view your services in a language that suits them. You can create information templates in different languages.

Partner Collaboration

Offer services from other businesses you partner with. You can provide your partners with their own login and portal to manage the range of services they offer. Your clients can then choose to order a service which is actually provisioned by one your partners. Billing remains with you.

Payment Methods

IVF+ can automate your existing payment methods by integrating with hundreds of existing payment gateways. These include Direct Debit’s, bank transfers, credit cards, PayPal, Stripe and more.

Mobile Application

IVF+ features a complete built-in mobile application designed to be used on portable devices such as phones and tablets and provides ALL the features and interactivity of the desktop version. The mobile application is completely customised to present your name and branding. As such, you can publish personalised Apps onto the App Stores.

Search Engine Optimisation

IVF+ is hosted entirely in the cloud. Your full range of services are made available to search engines in a way that is optimized to be discovered by visitors looking for the services you offer. IVF+ goes further by ‘pushing’ your catalogue out to internet marketing services too. Support for multiple languages and currencies guarantee the widest possible reach.

Customer Service

IVF+ provides the tools you need to support your existing clients. Interactive chat systems empower you with the ability to monitor and communicate with your clients in real-time. You can engage your clients and even recommend further services with immediate links to information packs, web pages and other resources, all in real-time.

3 Modes of Operation

You can use IVF+ in three different ways. a) desktop mode, b) plugin mode and c) mobile app mode. Plugin mode allows the entire functionality of IVF+ to be added to your existing website in less than a minute. No need to worry about styling or programming etc. Your clients can start ordering services from you immediately.

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One price includes absolutely everything. Unlimited users, clients and donors, EV digital SSL certificate and mobile app. Setup fee includes installation, configuration and on-site training. Monthly subscription covers technical support, upgrades and full server management and hosting on your own secure dedicated Windows server.

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